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poetry | pamela stansberry


by pamela stansberry

from the dust of the earth was I created
mysteries of transformation within the silky light
blending paints together with the sweeping of my fingers
a picture is formed in the chaos of hues so warm and bright
never do I know what is happening — I’m in the dark
the point is seldom taken unless it is plainly written
crashing through the room with the lights all shot out
I fall into my mother’s lap, then quiet I am sitting
who am I? where am I going in stillness?
flowing, dreaming in the darkness of the river wild
peaceful in the turbulence
being pulled from nothing in mercy sweet and mild
love never fails, but I do — let me love without fear
wipe away the tears
of a simple child
love never fails, but I do — let me love without reason
in harvest season
where white roses grow
for the sake of joy


by pamela stansberry

reigning grace, sweet gift of prayer
bestowed on unsuspecting souls
without warning, flames leap high
to burn what once was only cold
pure fire of love receive my heart
all ashes — deceitful ignorance
bring forgiveness for intentional blindness
freedom by truth’s deliverance
ignite within the inner heaven
light of God’s sweet smiling face
and find me kissed with joy ecstatic
while forever singing hymns of praise


by pamela stansberry

caresses made of silken divinity

a hand touching

arms holding

a kiss

always present

never failing

whispers of comfort



bits of humor and good cheer

a secret

hidden so close that no one suspects

the intensity of my lover

pureness of heart


eternally faithful

gentle even in my incomprehension

happiness embodied

contentment found

love uninhibited


revealed in truth



by pamela stansberry

a song of life,
a song of faith

intricate counterpoint melodies interweaving

music of existence transformed into silver threads

the dance of life,
the dance of faith

swirling rhythms of light

sounds echoing, drifting by, passing to and fro

binding the silk into brilliant patterns

before transfixed eyes filled with wonder

closely viewed hues of indistinct shades

the colors of life,
the colors of faith

lullabies soothing thoughts

flowing, following the rhythms

bringing glimpses, brief flashes of visions

of the sacred tapestry shown in it's entirety


sacred heart






pamela stansberry©2009