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The book will be out very soon!!!
March 1 2010

All is going well with the final process of publishing the book. Soon it will be available for purchase on the website as well as many online bookstores & some select bookstores. All will be listed soon. Please check back for more news.

And thanks for your support on this labor of love...

Many blessings!

August is almost done, the year is flying by...
August 27 2009

Time is flying by like crazy. Where has this year gone? Still working on the book. Had to cancel the musical pre-show for August 23rd at Shakespeare in the Park. But Taming of the Shrew was a fabulous show. Loved it! The new play opens tonight, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [abridged]. Saw the prop rehearsal last week and based on that, the show should be hilarious! See ya there! By the way I had the opportunity to do all the art/design for Shakespeare this year as my donation to supporting the Nashville Shakespeare Festival. Times are hard for us all, so if you live in Nashville — Shakespeare needs your help! Shakespeare is good for brain plasticity...it stimulates the mind & the imagination...

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East Nashville Tomato Fest...
August 3 2009

It's coming up this next weekend. There are all kinds of festivities...tomato related, of course. You can still enter "Tomato Haiku's" as a part of your own "garden, red, round, summer fruit" inspired creative input! The deadline is this coming Friday.

Remember to look for my painting! Blessings & have fun!


Upcoming art & music events...
July 23 2009

If you live in the Nashville or surrounding areas, come experience the East Nashville Tomato Fest – happenin' August 8th! I'll have "Sacred Tomato" art on the wall.

And for music, come out to Support Shakespeare In The Park. This year's plays will be "The Taming of the Shrew" by the Apprentice Company & "The Complete Works Of Shakespeare-Abridged." I'll be playing a 30 minute set on Sunday, August 23th before the show.

Nashville arts needs your support! See you there!


New website design...
July 21 2009

Check it out... attainablesaint.com has gotten its second beauty tweak. Hopefully improving functionality & options. Hope you like it!


Work is under way...
June 16 2009

Still working on the book....I may begin to post excerpts fairly soon. The manuscript is expected to be ready for publishing in Autumn of 2009 if all goes well. The Attainable Saint website will be in a process of evolution and will be subject to occasion "tweaks." But all is coming along nicely so far.

At some point the blog will transform and there will be a way to post comments.

There are plans for a musical performance in Nashville in August or September as a pre-show for Nashville Shakespeare Festival. This is a rare occurrence for me. It's been a long time since I've stepped out onto the stage for anything other than sacred music and classical. So please watch for the date in the Nashville Scene or on the myspace link. I certainly appreciate any support and encouragement. My music has become "brand new" again and it feels much like starting over from scratch. I hope you will be there with me, if not in spirit.

And on a personal note, I am excited to announce plans to begin studying the very first traditional Tibetan healing techniques known to exist in early July in New York. It should be interesting to say the least!

Blessings to all! Pamela Stansberry

Site is under construction
March 7 2009

The book is underway. Editing is slow but sure. Music projects are pending. Come back and visit the site to see how we grow!


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