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about the book

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by pamela stansberry


topics covered in the book include:

practical spirituality
celebrating creativity
mystical phenomenon
discovering divine origin
& true nature
divinity within humanity
spiritually in modern times
overcoming abuse
& negative mental conditioning
the importance of forgiveness
discovering innate joy
addressing anger
& healing the wounds
working through fear
& emotional pain
religion & divine truth
healthy relationships
developing self-love
emotional maturity
living authentically
abundant thinking
positive mindset
purity of heart
true freedom

sacred heart

book description

Attainable Saint: Practical Spirituality for Healing; Finding Divinity Within Humanity is profoundly honest and powerful! It is one of the most unique, inspirational and informative books on the subject of spirituality in today’s market. Not only does Pamela Stansberry, author, artist, musician and healer, write about intense spiritual insights, she does so in a simple straightforward manner. Attainable Saint is clearly an expression of her personal experiences, yet it directly relates to issues most people face. Suicidal depression, childhood abuse, dysfunction, addiction, sexuality and enduring hardship are among the topics discussed, along with sharing practices on faith, devotion, compassion and prayer. The book is accessible and should be of benefit to anyone of any faith.


Chapter FOUR
Divine Child
Page 99  —
The beauty is obvious in a child. But in an adult, it’s not as easy to see sometimes. Most often, as adults we have problems seeing beauty in the mirror.

Page 119  —
There is a deeper level of existence that binds all humanity together in purest harmony. Developing awareness of innate divine nature by purifying our hearts and minds is the natural process of healing. God didn’t create us for suffering. We were given the gift of life in order to attain the highest view of mercy. Mercy is a by-product of our own healing and subsequent wholeness. It’s only through the quality of mercy that we can heal anything at all.

Chapter FIVE
Overcoming Anger
Page 130  —
As in cases of abuse, cruel words can become embedded into the mind and heart like seeds of hatred. It is possible for them to grow roots and twine into our psyche like weeds among roses. It’s up to us, as individuals, to not allow the weeds to choke the beauty of our souls. But we can only do that through understanding our own humanity and the frailty of that condition. Whether we realize it or not, we carry the voices of hatred and abuse around with us, even when we don’t agree with what those voices tell us.

pamela stansberry©2009