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Practical Spirituality For Healing; Finding Divinity
Within Humanity.

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vision statement
by Pamela Stansberry

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My goal in writing the book, Attainable Saint, was to express that healing is available to everyone. The reason I am sharing the intimate details of my life is in the hope that someone can use my situation as inspiration. Although I have a respectful relationship with my father now, during my childhood my father was abusive. In the book I discuss how childhood abuse and family dysfunction led me to develop a very negative self-image. Because of my engrained issues, I self-medicated early on with alcohol and drug abuse. Inevitably, my bad choices led me to becoming suicidal by the age of twenty-three. When instead of killing myself I prayed, my life changed in beautiful ways. And I discovered my own personal sanctity in the human experience. Our inner divinity beckons us to heal – to become whole. There are practical methods in our spiritual path that can help us to understand our own brokenness. And in discovering insights into how our minds, hearts and souls work, we become aware of something greater than ourselves.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my life experiences, spiritual lessons and creative expressions in order to uplift and inspire. We all need to be able to live meaningful lives. In my ongoing process of healing, I have found the interconnectedness of all humanity through soul. In one person’s healing, there is healing for us all.
There is a reason for the way we are made. We are all unique and I feel that we should be true to who we are. Through divine providence, everything works together for good. But it is important to become aware of how life presents opportunities. As in all things, there are simple spiritual rules of cause and effect.

If I look for blessings – I will find blessings.

In my own experience as a human being, there is no separation between any aspect of my life and the depth of my spirituality. I feel the same should be true for everyone. Having no secrets from God is a natural state of being. It is good. And it’s a place where we all belong. It is only within that presence of truth that wisdom, love, peace and happiness dwell.

In day-to-day experiences, having the realization that everything found in ordinary life is an opportunity to grow in awareness and compassion is a great blessing. As I have grown in my own awareness, so has my healing.
I am in a continuous state of healing, yet I can honestly say that I am in wholeness simultaneously. Spirituality is paradoxical. But as we enter into the depth of our true nature, the endless irreconcilable extremes of our mental contradictions melt into the seamless perfection of the divine.

Truth is always my friend.

Fear is the primary obstacle to overcome because it is a deception that keeps us tightly bound in small dark places. We have to break free from the restriction of fear by facing our inner demons. There is a way to heal our pain and suffering, even if the world constantly reiterates the contrary.

Nothing is impossible to God.

When seen from a better viewpoint, it becomes obvious that there is a common sense to spirituality. The path is meant to lift us out of the deceptions we mistakenly embrace so that we can see with clarity. Life is meant to be good. It is a gift. Yet, so many people are in so much pain that life’s goodness cannot be experienced. We are not meant to struggle in futility, repeating painful mistakes again and again. Living in hopeless despair is not a solution nor a plan of action. Neither is the answer escapism, addiction or suicide. We are meant to thrive rather than just survive.

Healing is a personal choice and ultimately our own responsibility. The choice to heal is something we all have to make for ourselves. There is an abundance of help within reach. But that salvation only springs forth from reconnecting to our eternal source of being.

Although we have to use our minds by observing beneficial spiritual practices, it is what we find through piercing into the recesses of our hearts and souls that will lift us out of our hell on earth.

Yes, we as human beings are “all together a big mess.” But we are a beautiful mess that is full of precious redemptive qualities. We are just children playing at the role of being an adult. It is in recognizing our deceptions that we gain stability and wisdom as we grow into our fullness and glory. Maturity grows as the fruit of wisdom and grace.

No matter how broken we are, we can still share our stories. We all have the ability to inspire each other. Despite our inadequacies we can always reach out to help others and make a difference. We certainly do not have to be perfect to shine as a light in the world. Being perfect has never been the point of life anyway. There is a beautiful practicality in the divine path.

God meets us wherever we are.

Divinity is only found within our humanity – not outside of it. Perhaps something I have experienced, embodied or learned will help another person in some small way. I pray that is true. But I don’t feel that my gifts have to be your gifts. I feel that no matter who you are, you are special – as you are.

The gifts you possess are the gifts you require to do whatever it is you need to do in this world to make it a better place.

Your life is important.

No matter how broken a person may be, each and every one of us has something to give. And I have been as broken as a person can be – so I know.

It has taken most of my lifetime to develop my artistic abilities in writing, vocal performance, music production, songwriting, and visual art, as well as in other creative realms. I have had to work hard to bring my innate talent to a professional level, and then attempt to go beyond my own limitations and preconceived ideas. It has required dedication. And in just the same way, I have had to have the same dedication to a spiritual path of healing.

All my creative artistic endeavors have been huge blessings in my life – a salvation of sorts. Through these artistic channels my soul speaks. They are part of what I have to offer as a person and an artist. Although my artistic and creative abilities are beneficial, acknowledging the divine source of my being is more important than anything else. The process of healing is by far the most important work anyone can do.

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